Bugs : Big And Small God Made Them All


Children will discover God’s purpose for creating insects, and the corruption caused by sin
Includes a variety of perforated insect cards with images and details about these diverse, amazing creatures
Discover gigantic beetles, leaf-mimicking bugs disguised so well they fool each other, and butterfly wings that only reflect one color – none of these by accident!

Insects are small signposts to God’s brilliant creativity. With their alluring beauty, incredible design features, and limitless variety, they are a living testament to an all-wise, wonderful Creator.

Children will see the world’s largest insects, insects designed with camouflage, the most beautiful insects, the weirdest insects, and more. What you will see, page after page, are these creatures doing just what they were designed to do, and doing it well. God is amazing!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780890518359
William Zinke
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2014
Publisher: Master Books

Weight1.45 lbs
Dimensions8.6 × 0.5 × 11 in


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