Biblical Counseling Guide For Women


Real answers to a woman’s dilemmas can all be found in one book-the Bible. Yet pinpointing specific answers can often be a challenge. In this scripturally sound and socially relevant guide, the husband-and-wife counseling team of John and Janie Street delves into 50 common physical and emotional problems faced by women today. They look at issues such as anxiety and depression, marriage and family struggles, and afflictions such as eating disorders and chemical abuse.

Addressing each area of concern with sensitivity and clarity-while emphasizing the underlying message of God’s grace-the Streets offer a clear description of each challenge that women face. They then guide you to the Bible to discern the related verses and illustrations that address the specific problem, offering immediate help and lifelong healing.

Equally valuable for both the individual woman searching for solutions and those who help hurting women. Counselors, pastors, and teachers will greatly benefit from this accessible resource. Also recommended for classes and home Bible study discussions.

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John Street | Janie Street
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Published: December 2016
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

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