Walt Russell

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  • Playing With Fire


    1. Reading The Bible Is Playing With Fire
    2. Don’t We Have To Be Informed To Be Transformed
    3. Seeing From The Top Down Changes From The Bottom Up
    4. Ingesting The Fire Inflames The Soul
    5. God Has A Plan For Our Life The Old Testament Narratives And Histories
    6. The Law Good Boundaries Make Good Neighbors
    7. Teach Our Souls To Sing The Psalms
    8. Oh To Be Wise Proverbs And The Wisdom Literature
    9. The Prophets Return To A Heart For God And People
    10. Be Discipled By Jesus The Gospels
    11. The Book Of Acts Discover Our Purpose In The World
    12. The Epistles Live Purposefully In Community With God’s People
    13. Live Expectantly In Light Of The End Revelation
    256 Pages

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    For the reader who equates reading the Bible to watching grass grow, Playing With Fire shows them how powerful and exciting scripture can be. Walt Russell teaches us how to study different sections of the Bible in ways that change reader’s perception of God’s word and transforms their lives. This material has been used in Russell’s college courses with life-changing results. He gives detailed examples for studying each section of the Bible and helps readers refine their ability to read and interpret it, providing the essential tools for unlocking the meaning of God’s Word. This is part of the NavPress Spiritual Formation Line which focuses on bringing radical soul transformation rather than outward conformity to the ordinary Christian.

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