Timothy Laniak

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  • Shepherds After My Own Heart


    Series Preface
    Author’s Preface

    I. Background
    II. Biblical Prototypes
    III. YHWH, The Messiah And Promises Of A Second Exodus
    IV. The Shepherd Messiah, His Followers And The Second Exodus
    V. Following And Serving The Shepherd-Lamb
    VI. Concluding Observations And Reflections

    Appendix A: Mesopotamian Deities With Shepherd Titles
    Appendix B: Mesopotamian Kings With Shepherd Titles And Epithets
    Index Of Modern Authors
    Index Of Scripture References
    Index Of Ancient Sources

    Additional Info
    Shepherds After My Own Heart is a full-length academic treatment of the theme of the shepherd/pastor throughout the whole of scripture. It comprises a detailed study of Ancient Near Eastern understandings of this powerful metaphor, its uses and development in the Old Testament and its employment by the apostolic writers to describe the messianic significance of Jesus Christ, both in his earthly ministry and in his ascended and apocalyptic Lordship over church and world. In doing so, it articulates key elements of a biblical theology of pastoral ministry and leadership.

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