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  • Charts Of Bible Prophecy


    This chart book provides an outline of the major issues and themes in Bible prophecy. It is designed to appeal to nonspecialist readers, yet in its detail and comprehensiveness it also serves the specialist well. While there are many books on prophecy, the vast majority deal with the subject from a particular perspective and tend to dismiss other views. This book seeks to be evenhanded and to avoid prejudicing readers for or against particular points of view.

    The 85 charts fall into a number of groups as follows:
    Introductory Issues in Prophecy
    Hermeneutical or Interpretative Methodology in Prophecy
    Fulfillment of Prophecy
    Interpretation of Prophetic Texts
    Systems of Eschatology
    Prophetic Teaching on the First and Second Comings of Jesus Christ
    Prophetic Teaching on the Nation of Israel
    Prophetic Teaching on the Tribulation
    The Olivet Discourse and Prophecy
    Prophetic Teaching on the Millennium
    The Books of Daniel and Revelation in Prophecy
    Views Concerning Last Things

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