Michael Emlet

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  • Chronic Pain : Living By Faith When Your Body Hurts


    Chronic pain is different from other kinds of physical pain because it doesn’t stop. It is daily, unrelenting, soul-wearying pain for which there is no end in sight. Can you still experience God’s grace and help even in the midst of never ending pain?

    Michael R. Emlet, physician and counselor, includes a brief overview of the physiological aspects of pain and then goes on to outline a God-shaped perspective on chronic pain. When you turn to God, your pain may not disappear, but fear, anxiety, and despair can be replaced with a simple trust in God’s understanding, care, and love.

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  • Angry Children : Understanding And Helping Your Child Regain Control


    If you have an angry child you are most likely worn out, confused, and looking for answers to questions like these:
    How can I restore sanity to this chaos?
    How can I prevent these anger storms in my child?
    Why does this rage seem to explode from out of nowhere?

    Dr. Michael R. Emlet offers you needed help by explaining both the deeper heart issues and possible physical weaknesses that can fuel a child’s angry explosions. Then, using his experience as a doctor, counselor, and parent, he applies the truths of the Bible to your child’s struggles with anger and outlines practical strategies for helping your child learn self-control.

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  • OCD : Freedom For The Obsessive Compulsive


    Obsessive-compulsive thinking and behavior: Is it disobedience? Is it a disease/disorder? Both? How can you tell? How can you help?

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