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  • New Testament Teaching On Tongues


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    Is speaking in tongues a valid spiritual gift for today? Do the fruits of the modern charismatic movement commend glossolalia as a positive blessing for God’s people? Examining the New Testament Teaching on Tongues, biblical scholar Merrill Unger explores the controversy. Adopting a cessationist stance, he offers a concise but thorough look at the relevant Scripture passages as well as evidence from church history.

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  • Baptism And Gifts Of The Holy Spirit


    1. The Baptism Of The Spirit In Charismatic Christianity
    2. The Baptism Of The Spirit Misunderstood
    3. The Baptism Of The Spirit In The Gospels
    4. The Baptism Of The Spirit At Pentecost And At Samaria
    5. The Baptism Of The Spirit At Caesarea And Ephesus
    6. The Baptism Of The Spirit In I Corinthians, Romans, And Galatians
    7. The Baptism Of The Spirit In Ephesians, Colossians, And I Peter
    8. The Baptism Of The Spirit And The Gifts Of The Spirit
    9. The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And Power
    189 Pages

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    The charismatic movement, with its emphasis on Spirit baptism and the manifestation gifts of the Spirit, become one of the most prominent features of twentieth-century Christianity.

    Dr. Unger traces the doctrine of the baptism of the Spirit through the New Testament. In the final two chapters he puts the doctrine into its proper place with respect to spiritual gifts and the experiences of the Holy Sprit’s power for Christian living.

    Since a great danger of the charismatic movement lies in its understanding of the nature of Christian maturity, Dr. Unger points out that true maturity is achieved only in day-by-day obedience, Bible study, and prayer.

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