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  • Becoming A Titus 2 Woman (Anniversary)


    It has been 17 years that this book has challenged mature Christian women to mentor younger wives and mothers. Perhaps this endurance is because young women today yearn for the friendship and counsel of one who has lived though the challenges of life and remained strong in her relationship with Jesus Christ. This expanded version includes valuable Appendices that will give the mentoring relationship eternal significance. It is still popular as an individual study or in small groups.

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  • Flood Of Noah


    Hundreds of legends – possibly as many as 600 – seem to point to many of the details familiar to those who have read the Biblical account of Noah and the ark. Why are there so many similarities in these legends among so many diverse cultures? Why are there differences? What can we learn of pre-Flood history from ancient and archaeological records? From the astonishing historical flood account of a remote people group in China to the flood legend of Transylvania gypsies to many other examples from almost every continent, discover a fascinating journey of truth! These legends are what we would expect to find as remnants of a historical event on the scale we have never seen before or since!

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  • Can We Still Believe The Bible (Reprinted)


    Challenges to the reliability of Scripture are perennial and have frequently been addressed. However, some of these challenges are noticeably more common today, and the topic is currently of particular interest among evangelicals
    In this volume, highly regarded biblical scholar Craig Blomberg offers an accessible and nuanced argument for the Bible’s reliability in response to the extreme views about Scripture and its authority articulated by both sides of the debate. He believes that a careful analysis of the relevant evidence shows we have reason to be more confident in the Bible than ever before. As he traces his own academic and spiritual journey, Blomberg sketches out the case for confidence in the Bible in spite of various challenges to the trustworthiness of Scripture, offering a positive, informed, and defensible approach.

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  • Finished Work Of Christ


    Augustine. Luther. Wesley. These great leaders of the church all traced their spiritual awakenings to the book of Romans. To this day Paul’s letter continues to fascinate, amaze, and awaken those who seek to plumb its depths, including one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the 20th century, Francis Schaeffer. In his landmark commentary on the first eight chapters of Romans, Schaeffer expounds on the foundational doctrines that undergird the core of Christian teaching, offering modern readers vital insights into the message of Romans and an arresting perspective on our own times. Redesigned with a new cover.

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  • Reading Matthew : A Literary And Theological Commentary (Revised)


    Editor’s Preface
    Chapter 1. Matthew 1:1-4:16:Introducing Jesus The Messiah, The Son Of God
    The Birth Of The Messiah
    The Fulfillment Of God’s Promises (1:1-25)
    From Judea Of David To The Galilee Of The Gentiles (2:1-23)
    Getting Ready: God’s Son In The Wilderness (3:1-17)
    God’s Son Who Fulfills All Righteousness (3:1-17)
    God’s Son Who Vanquishes Satan (4:1-11)
    Dispelling The Darkness In Galilee (4:12-16)

    Chapter 2. Matthew 4:17-16:20: Jesus’ Ministry To Israel
    Part 1: Teaching, Healing, And Calling Lost Sheep, 4:17-11:1
    Jesus’ Debut: Authority And Compassion (4:17-25)
    Magisterial Teaching: A Charter For Discipleship (5:1-8:1)
    A New Moses? (5:1-2)
    Congratulations Are In Order (5:13-16)
    Changing The World (5:13-16)
    The Fulfillment Of The Law (5:17-19)
    Restoring God’s Intention In The Law (5:20-48)
    Acts Of Devotion: For Applause Or For God? (6:1-18)
    What To Do About Money? (6:19-34)
    Relating To Others (7:1-12)
    Warning: Obedience Is Not Optional (7:13-7:27)
    Restoring Life To Others (8:2-9:35)
    Great Harvest And Great Dangers (9:36-10:42)
    Part 2: Rejection And Confession, 11:1-16:20
    Doubt, Indifference, And Dissent (11:2-12:45)
    The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Revealed (12:46-13:58)
    Power And Mercy For God’s People (14:1-36)
    Bread For All (15:1-16:12)
    Building The Church On Bedrock (16:13-20)

    Chapter 3. Matthew 16:21-28:20: Jesus’ Passion And Resurrection
    The Shadow Of Death And The Promise Of Glory (16:21-17:23)
    Living Together As The Family Of God (17:24-18:35)
    What’s In It For Us?
    The Demands And Rewards Of The Kingdom (19:1-20:16)
    Jerusalem Meets Its King (20:17-21:22)
    Jesus Lord In The Temple (21:23-22:46)
    False Teachers Lead Others To Ruin (23:1-39)
    Judgment Is Coming (24:1-25:46)
    The Life-Giving Death Of The Rejected Messiah (26:1-27:56)
    The Victorious Breakthrough (27:57-28:20)

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    Additional Info
    Reading Matthew provides thorough guidance through Matthew’s story of Jesus. Garland’s commentary reveals the movement of the story’s plot while also highlighting the theology of Matthew. Reading Matthew is an essential book for studnets and ministers studying the first Gospel

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  • Cold Case Christianity


    Over 2,000 years ago a man lived, was executed, and rose from the dead, but there is almost no forensic evidence to prove it. A vocal atheist-turned-apologist, Wallace uses his skills as a homicide detective to investigate Jesus’ life—and death. Relating stories from his career to the Gospels, he artistically validates Christianity’s claims.

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  • 101 Answers To Questions About The Book Of Revelation


    Who are the 144,000 in Revelation 7:1-8? Are the trumpet judgments literal or symbolic (Revelation 8; 11)? What is the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:18)?

    Readers who have questions about the book of Revelation usually dont want to wade through pages of commentary to find their answers. Prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock offers a helpful solution in this concise Q&A format.

    Questions are grouped in broad categories that focus on interpretation, background information, Jesus Christ, and the letters to the churches. A final category, The Consummation, is further divided into subparts that address the tribulation, the second coming, the millennium, and more.

    These easy-to find and easy-to-understand responses to the most commonly asked questions about the book of Revelation will empower readers to mine its riches and stand strong in their faith.

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  • Acts


    With attention to issues that continue to surface in today’s church, the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series offers pastors, students, and teachers a focused resource for reading, teaching, and preaching the Book of Acts. Acts highlights (1) the work of God through the exalted Jesus who grants the presence of the Holy Spirit; (2) the significance of Jesus who is Israel’s Messiah and the Savior of the world and who directs the expansion of the church; (3) the work of the Holy Spirit as transforming power present in the lives of the followers of Jesus and their communities; (4) the identity of the church as the community of God, comprised of Jews and Gentiles who are followers of Jesus; (5) the mission of the church whose leaders take the gospel to cities and regions of the Roman Empire in which Jesus has not yet been proclaimed as Messiah and Savior; (6) the historical events and the persons who played a role in the expansion of earliest Christianity.

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  • Love Your Enemies


    From 1971-1974 John Piper attended the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in München for doctoral work. In choosing a dissertation topic he decided to explore Jesus’s command in the Synoptic Gospels to love one’s enemies, and its relationship to similar ethical exhortations in the epistles (the Early Christian Paraenesis).Using a history of traditions approach, Piper begins by examining each New Testament reference to Jesus’s command in an attempt to place its origin within the broader paraenetic tradition. Piper moves on to survey similar exhortations for enemy love in the environment of the early church, then analyzes this particular command of Jesus within the broader context of his whole message. He investigates the theological significance of Jesus’s love command in the paraenesis and finally concludes by focusing on the Gospel tradition’s use of the command, particularly in Matthew and Luke.First published by Cambridge University Press in the Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, this repackaged edition features a new, extensive introduction. A serious work of Christian scholarship by a long-time respected author and pastor, this will be of interest to scholars, students, and lay people who have training in New Testament studies.

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  • Week In The Life Of Corinth


    In this fictional re-creation, the world-famous New Testament academic helps us enter into the concerns of everyday Christians in the first century. Through the eyes of a Corinthian merchant, we sense typical sights, sounds, and smells; the intellectual milieu; and moral quandaries. Includes helpful sidebars, maps, and diagrams throughout.

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  • Truth About The Lordship Of Christ


    A focused, powerful message about Jesus, his relationship with God the Father, and his centrality in the Christian life.

    Can I just raise my hand one Sunday in church and forever call myself a Christian?

    Is there more to this life and faith than just believing Jesus died for me? What does it mean to make Christ Lord of my life?

    Best-selling author and pastor John MacArthur brings his deep knowledge of Scripture to this foundational subject. Step by step, he walks through the impact of God’s sovereignty, our submission, the characteristics of holy living, and our assurance of salvation. MacArthur makes the case that the Christian life is full and rich but not easy. It requires sacrifice, perseverance, and transformation in the ongoing process of becoming more like Christ. And it is absolutely worth the cost.

    For decades, Dr. John MacArthur has encouraged countless Christians to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and a greater respect for God’s truth.

    In The Truth About series, he now gathers his landmark teachings about core aspects of the Christian faith in one place. These powerful books are designed to give readers a focused experience that centers on God’s character and how it applies to their daily walk of faith.

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  • Truth About Forgiveness


    A focused, powerful message about forgiveness and its necessity in living a joy-filled Christian life.

    The greatest measuring rod of love in the life of a Christian may be forgiveness, because God showed His love to us in terms of forgiveness. -John MacArthur

    Does anyone really want to forgive? Or admit that we need forgiveness? Whether we’re giving or receiving, forgiveness is hard. It seems unfair. It feels unnatural. And as best-selling author and pastor John MacArthur demonstrates, forgiveness apart from Christ is unnatural. It is only as we understand our need, Christ’s power and example, and what it really means to love that we can embrace two of the most liberating acts of love: forgiving and being forgiven.

    The Truth About Series
    For decades, MacArthur has encouraged countless Christians to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and a greater respect for God’s truth. In The Truth About series, he now gathers his landmark teachings about core aspects of the Christian faith in one place. These powerful books are designed to give readers a focused experience that centers on God’s character and how it applies to their daily walk of faith.

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