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  • Future Israel : Why Christian Anti Judaism Must Be Challenged


    SKU (ISBN): 9780805446272 Binding: Cloth Text Published: July 2007 New American Commentary Studies In Bible And Theol # 3 Publisher: B and H Publishing Group

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  • Answering Jewish Objections To Jesus 4 (Reprinted)


    A Jewish believer in Jesus defends the Christian faith by providing answers to objections raised by the Jewish community regarding Jewish tradition and regarding the New Testament.

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  • Holding On To Hope


    Framing her own story of staggering loss and soaring hope with the biblical story of Job, Nancy Guthrie takes her fellow sufferers by the hand and guides them on a pathway through pain–straight to the heart of God. Holding on to Hope offers an uplifting perspective, not only for those experiencing monumental loss, but for anyone going through difficulty and failure. Includes a study section for readers who want to dig deeper into what the Bible says about dealing with suffering and grief. Additional sections include a Foreword by Anne Graham Lotz and a Resource section linking Scriptures with each chapter’s lesson.

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  • When You Pray


    Looks at the power and truth in the phrases of the Lord’s Prayer, compares them with other biblical parallels, and shows you how to make this prayer your own.

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  • Fight To The Death


    Too few Christians are aware that they are in a fight to the death! Mack explores the seriousness of sin and where it will lead us. He also shows the necessity of fighting against it and presents a biblical method of killing the sin within us.

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  • Gleanings From Paul


    From the moment of his conversion Paul was a man of prayer. His many prayers scattered throughout his letters are among the richest sources in all of Scripture for getting a practical insight into the subject matter of God-honouring prayer. Pink’s detailed study captures the essence of the apostle’s concern for the congregations on whose behalf he consistenly prayed. However, Gleanings from Paul is much more than a mere study of Paul’s prayers. Pink’s insights help to gain a more rounded understanding of the apostle himself, the God he served, and the churches with which he worked.

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  • Translating Truth : The Case For Essentially Literal Bible Translation


    In an age when there is a wide choice of English Bible translations, the issues involved in Bible translating are steadily gaining interest. Consumers often wonder what separates one Bible version from another.

    The contributors to this book argue that there are significant differences between literal translations and the alternatives. The task of those who employ an essentially literal Bible translation philosophy is to produce a translation that remains faithful to the original languages, preserving as much of the original form and meaning as possible while still communicating effectively and clearly in the receptors’ languages.

    Translating Truth advocates essentially literal Bible translation and in an attempt to foster an edifying dialogue concerning translation philosophy. It addresses what constitutes good translation, common myths about word-for-word translations, and the importance of preserving the authenticity of the Bible text. The essays in this book offer clear and enlightening insights into the foundational ideas of essentially literal Bible translation.

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  • Mystery Of Marriage 20th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)


    Meditate on the Spiritual Significance of Marriage In the 20th Anniversary Edition of this Gold Medallion Award winner, Mike Mason goes on a poetic search to understand the wondrous dynamics of committed love. In highly readable, first-person style, Mason’s writing stimulates readers’ thoughts and prayers and propels couples to deeper intimacy. A marriage is not a joining of two worlds, says the author, but an abandoning of two worlds in order that one new one might be formed. Rich chapters on Otherness, Vows, Intimacy, Sex, Submission, and an all-new chapter on Oneness lift readers to view the eternal, spiritual nature of this faith-filled, impossible, wild – yet wonderful – frontier.

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  • How Do You Know Youre Not Wrong


    In today’s postmodern world, believers more than ever before are faced with a host of objections to Christianity. Expert apologist Paul Copan describes these objections as anti-truth claims and with How Do You Know You’re Not Wrong he provides a helpful resource with thorough, biblical answers to such regularly used objections as

    – Whatever works for you
    – Just as long as it makes you happy
    – All religions are basically the same
    – Christianity is anti-semitic

    At the end of each chapter, he provides practical and easy-to-share summary points to help readers intelligently and effectively answer the challenges of their non-Christian friends and neighbors.

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  • Reformation : A History


    Preface And Acknowledgments
    List Of Illustrations And Maps


    1. The Old Church, 1490-1517
    Seeing Salvation In Church. The First Pillar: The Mass And Purgatory. Layfolk At Prayer. The Second Pillar: Papal Primacy. A Pillar Cracks: Politics And The Papacy. Church Versus Commonwealth?

    2. Hopes And Fears, 1490-1517
    Shifting Boundaries. The Iberian Exception. The Iberian Achievement: The Western Church Exported. New Possibilities: Paper And Printing. Humanism: A New World From Books. Putting Renewal Into Practice. Reform Or The Last Days? Erasmus: Hopes, Fulfilled, Fears Stilled?

    3. New Heaven: New Earth, 1517-24
    The Shadow Of Augustine. Luther: A Good Monk, 1483-1517. An Accidental Revolution, 1517-21. Whose Revolution? 1521-22. Evangelical Challenges: Zwingli And Radicalism, 1521-22. Zurich And Wittenberg, 1522-24. The Years Of Carnival, 1521-24

    4. Wooing The Magistrate,1524-40
    Europe’s Greatest Rebellion, 1524-25. Princely Churches Or Christian Separation, 1525-30. The Birth Of Protestantisms, 1529-33. Strassburg: New Rome Or New Jerusalem? Kings And Reformers, 1530-40. A New King David? Munster And It’s Aftermath

    5. Reunion Deferred: Catholic And Protestant, 1530-60
    A Southern Revival. Ignatius Loyola And The Early Jesuits. Hopes For A Deal: The 1541-42 Crisis. A Council At Trent: The First Session, 1545-49. Calvin In Geneva: The Reformed Answer To Munster . Calvin And The Eucharist: Protestant Divisions Confirmed. Reformed Protestantism: Alternatives To Calvin, 1540-60

    6. Reunion Scorned, 1547-70
    Crisis For The Habsburgs, 1547-55. 1555: An Emperor’s Exhaustion, A Pope’s Obsession. A Catholic Recovery: England, 1553-58. 1558-59: Turning Points For Dynasties. The Last Session Of The Council Of Trent, 1561-63. Protestants In Arms: France And The Low Countries, 1562-70

    PART II: EUROPE DIVIDED: 1570-1619

    7. The New Europe Defined, 1569-72
    Northern And Southern Religion. Tridentine Successes. The Catholic Defense Of Christendom, 1565-71. Militant Northern Protestants, 1569-72. The Massacre Of St. Bartholomew, 1572. Poland 1569-76: An Alternative Future? Protestantism And Providence

    8. The North: Protestant Heartlands
    Defining Lutheranism: Toward The Formula Of Concord. The Second Reformation In Germany. Baltic Religious Contests: Poland-Lithuania And Scandinavia . The Northern Netherlands: Protestant Victory. The Northern Netherlands: The Arminian Crisis . A Reform

    Additional Info
    At a time when men and women were prepared to kill-and be killed-for their faith, the Reformation tore the Western world apart. Acclaimed as the definitive account of these epochal events, Diarmaid MacCulloch’s award-winning new history brilliantly re-creates the religious battles of priests, monarchs, scholars, and politicians-from the zealous Martin Luther to the radical Loyola, from the tortured Cranmer to the ambitious Philip II.

    Drawing together the many strands of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and ranging widely across Europe and the New World, MacCulloch reveals as never before how these dramatic upheavals affected everyday lives-overturning ideas of love, sex, death, and the supernatural, and shaping the modern age.

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  • Lost In The Middle


    The Bible never discusses midlife, just like it never discusses teenagers. Yet the Bible is able to unpack any of life’s experiences because it was written by the One who made them all. Although this book is directed at those who are facing the issues of midlife, it has a much broader net than that. Lost in the Middle can help all who are confronted with life in this broken world and have lost their way. The God who seems so distant to you in this moment is actually near and active.

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  • From Jerusalem To Irian Jaya


    This is history at its best. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is readable, informative, gripping, and above all honest. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya helps readers understand the life and role of a missionary through real life examples of missionaries throughout history. We see these men and women as fallible and human in their failures as well as their successes. These great leaders of missions are presented as real people, and not super-saints. This second edition covers all 2,000 years of mission history with a special emphasis on the modern era, including chapters focused on the Muslim world, Third World missions, and a comparison of missions in Korea and Japan. It also contains both a general and an illustration index where readers can easily locate particular missionaries, stories, or incidents. New design graphics, photographs, and maps help make this a compelling book. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is as informative and intriguing as it is inspiring-an invaluable resource for missionaries, mission agencies, students, and all who are concerned about the spreading of the gospel throughout the world.

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  • Perspectives On Church Government


    This book presents in counterpoint form the basic models of church government which have developed over the course of church history with a view toward determining which is most faithful to Scripture. Each chapter will be written by a prominent person from within each tradition–with specific guidelines dealing with the biblical, historical, and theological issues within each governance tradition. In addition, each writer will have the opportunity to give a brief response to the other traditions.

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  • Francis Of Assisi


    Cunningham takes exception to sentimental portraits of Francis, whether as a blesser of animals, church rebel, or precursor of the spirituality movement, preferring instead to see Francis as a reformer of the medieval church, whose vow of poverty and unusual lifestyle sought to act out Scripture.

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  • Loving God With All Your Mind


    Our world is alive with fascinating new ideas, discoveries, and technologies. But for Christians this can also present problems – especially when the values of postmodernism and secular university life conflict with basic Christian principles. What should Christians do when their beliefs come under attack in the class room or the public square? Loving God with All Your Mind shows us that the answer is neither wholesale rejection of intellectual life and culture, nor blind acceptance of it. The answer lies in understanding that Jesus is Lord of all of life and that everything in life must be carefully viewed in the light of what Christ’s lordship means. Gene Edward Veith unfolds a dazzling critique of the post modern intellectual world and culture. He affirms the part that is good and true, but he also shows crucial weakness in the beliefs that have such a hold over contemporary thought. This book shows Christians how to survive and flourish in a postmodern world while affirming the truth of the Christian faith.

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