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  • Sticky Situations 1


    365 Devotions

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    R-rated movies. Mischievous friends. Cheating on tests. There are all sorts of temptations to steer kids away from doing what’s right. And there are many responses to these situations-some that will get kids in trouble and some that will glorify God.

    Together, parents and kids can read 365 Sticky Situations and discuss what kids should do when faced with dilemmas that are not cut and dry. Each day’s devotion includes a Sticky Situation, multiple-choice options for how best to handle the situation, and a Scripture reference to show what the Bible says. A separate answer section lists the best response, and discussion questions probe the subject more deeply.

    You might not be able to provide kids with all the answers they need in life, but with Sticky Situations you can get a good start!

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  • Childs Book Of Character Building 1 (Reprinted)


    Using an imaginative blend of simple explanation and interesting storytelling, volume one teaches children ages 3_7 about Christian character building.

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  • Your Family Gods Way


    Offers biblical insight and practical wisdom into two crucial areas of family life: communication and conflict resolution. Practical guidance for the Christian family.

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  • Christian Living In The Home


    This best-selling title will challenge, encourage, and aid the reader in the development of a truly Christian home.


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